RealSilicon seeks to disrupt the $45B IoT semiconductor market with its SnapChip rapidly customizable ASICs (application-specific integrated circuit) platform. SnapChip enables IoT clients to own custom silicon without paying for a cost prohibitive chip design team. The SnapChip platform also provides differentiating performance with its multi patented RINT (RealSilicon Incubated Technologies) including near threshold operation technology for ultra-low power.
We are targeting SmartSensor Market for its first product.

SnapChip Platform provides:

  • 8x shorter TTM (time to market) -> from 2 years down to 3 months
  • 10x lower develop  -> from $10M down to less than $0.5M
  • 10x better power efficiency (~15 patents in filling)
  • AI engine for classification on the edge

Download Presentation (PPTX, 1.52MB)